Find and replace CSS selectors

Scenario: A PX admin builds a full Product Map and Engagements based on v1 of their application. V2 comes out, and the engineering team informs the PX admin that they updated several HTML elements. Now, the PX admin needs to manually comb through the Product Map and Engagements in order to find and update the CSS selectors that have were affected by the UI change. 


Problem: Locating all instances of a specific CSS selector can be tedious and challenging, especially if the PX subscription has a large Product Map, multiple products, or many Engagements). 

Proposed solution: Allow PX admins to bulk edit CSS selectors across both the Product Map and Engagements. Perhaps we could expand on the feature cloning functionality to work for existing features as well? 


Value proposition: Save time otherwise spent manually updating CSS selectors; reduce user error by ensuring that the PX admin does not accidentally miss a feature or Engagement that contains an outdated selector. 



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