Exclude Features or Modules from Path Analyzer

Is there a filter that can be applied to exclude certain features or modules from the path analyzer report? We have a large number of custom events that are mapped that are rendering in the Path Analyzer report that I’d like to exclude, but once selected I cannot see a way that would logically exclude the module or feature itself.

I was just about to ask the same question!

Perhaps it would be better to post it as a Feature Request because I can’t imagine only us having this issue. Others have to face the same problem, right?

In our case, we have plenty of Custom Events triggering with dozens of attributes and I have to create Features from these attributes so that I can keep track of our feature adoption (our app features are tracked as a Custom Event attributes) in the Analytics → Features → Adoption module.

But if I create a lot of Features in the PX then I’ll clutter the Path Analyzer and won’t see clearly what’s the exact path of our users through the app. Not all features are equally important that I want them to see in the Path Analyzer, however, they are important enough to track them from time to time.

I’m having a feeling that I have to sacrifice one to get the other and I don’t like it.

There should be an option to chose which features and modules you want to include/exclude from the path analyzer.

This is currently not possible, but I do think this is definitely a great feature request (Product Idea) @cjacksonfe @bostojic 

Tnx for looking into this @link_black ;)

Should we open this as an Idea/Feature Request or can you somehow transfer this thread there?

Hi folks, I’ve moved this to a feature request topic so feel free to upvote as needed. :)

Hi @dan_ahrens, then I believe this post from @link_black can be deleted?


While playing around with the Path Analyzer, I had the exact same idea. At the moment, the view on the paths are very much obscured by users just clicking around in the menu. As menu items are tracked as features, it would be nice to be able to exclude those in order to get a better view on the actual actions users take.

Thank you @cjacksonfe @bostojic @Jef Vanlaer for bringing this up. 
Will work to address the usecases mentioned above in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback @Chandu. Looking forward to it!

hi everyone,

@Chandu can you please share if there was any development related to the above feature request? We can’t wait for it to be implemented :)

Just commenting here as without some form of filtering the actual practical use cases are quite limited when you have 1,000s of features to analyse in the Path Analyzer

hi @dorian_cudina 
I can empathise with the benefit this request will have to all of you on this thread and others. Unfortunately, Its gonna take a little longer. Tentatively in Q3. 

Hello all,
Updating this thread that Feature exclusion in Path Analyzer has been released as part of our latest August release.
Module exclusion tentatively Q4

Hi @Chandu 
Thanks for the update and for providing this functionality. It definitely makes it easier to see more defined usage paths in our software.