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CSM would like to import their signature as formatted in Outlook to Gainsight.   CSM wants to include in email assist templates and copilot.  

We are using a signature platform:

It will be best if we can integrate it into GS and not have to manage signatures in 2 places.

Our marketing team use this platform to set different signatures to different departments, roles, product promotions, events, etc.

Having this integration will allow us to keep one voice over all email.

I was just talking to a customer who was able to tokenize SFDC email signatures, but is unsure of how this gets formatted. This brought up an interesting thought -- What about allowing Gainsight users to create email signatures on the user object level? That way, you wouldn't have to import anything into Gainsight at all - you would simply have a token that pointed to User::Email Signaure in the MDA.

We are using Sigstr ( I was hoping that I could tokenize (custom field on the SFDC user object) for the HTML snippet they provide and use THAT in templates but I haven't had any luck yet. If I can't achieve it, I probably will have to scrap my signature service because the Outlook responses look so much different than the Gainsight messages and I want to keep the feel consistent.

Is this still on the roadmap?

@cmultanen this is part of roadmap. I will keep you posted about progress and release timeline.

We’re also looking towards this feature. We would like to use it for email templates which we send out via a journey.

Hello All,

This feature is part of our roadmap. I will keep you posted about progress and release timeline.

Hi - Have there been any updates to being able to add a signature to emails sent from gainsight?

Hello @emma_sharples 

This is work in progress, will keep you posted as and when i have updates about it.

@chethana The only work around I’ve stumbled on is to create a rich text field as a custom field in the user profile to store a signature , I’ve then created a token for to look up this in emails, is this the best way for now?

I'm using Sigsync ( Office 365 email Signature for a number of years. I like it. It grabs all of the user data from our Active Directory. I've been able to set up a single signature for an entire organization. If your comfortable making the signatures in HTML I would recommend this.


Hello All,
we are planning to build this capability in email assist. creating signature also importing signatures from Gmail and outlook. I will update you once we prioritise this feature. 



Hello All,
we are planning to build this capability in email assist. creating signature also importing signatures from Gmail and outlook. I will update you once we prioritise this feature. 


Any more specific dates on that? Sounds like it’s been on the roadmap for a couple of years?

Hello @Christina P 
We are releasing a new platform which can then support the above mentioned request with some development. New platform will be released early Q3.

Post this i can let you know the timelines for supporting signature.

@chethana - would love an update on this feature.  Lots of JO development in the works, would love to have signature blocks to be part of it.  Thanks

any updates on this?

Hi - we still don’t have email signatures when we share timeline activities via email to our customers. It’s a big waste of time to copy/paste a signature in each time. When is this going to be released?

I’m not sure if this would be included, but we effectively manage 2 CS organisations within the same GS instance and they each have different signature formatting and branding. 

Having more control over the tokenisation of signatures for JO programs would be really useful.


Thanks for the feedback. This is something we are looking at in our medium term roadmap.

Hi, My team at Zyte as well is looking forward for this capability ASAP. Thanks

@anirbandutta this one is acknowledged, but I have never seen so many votes, and it continues to be a major blocker to CSMs using Gainsight Assist in CTAs and now Timeline.  It has been 4 years since the post was made, so I wanted to call this to your attention with the new Product Ideation Guide out.

Thanks for elevating @angela_domenichelli . Not sure if @ssamarth would have any more specifics to share than last time? Sometimes there’s way too many dependencies to be able to give more clarity but It is on the PM’s radar


our CSMs are asking for this feature. I hope it will developed soon.



We would like to use more of the out of the box email capabilities like share a time line entry by email, but our leadership is hesitant to push this because our email signature is not included.  We currently are a gmail shop and ideally, we could leverage our email signature from that.  If not, at least being able to configure one in Gainsight would be helpful.  

Late to the party as often, but we’ve not had this issue particularly with our “simple” signatures which have been able to replicate easily in Gainsight (tokens and custom fields in user table where needed) but understand it’s different for those with image signatures or heavily formatted signatures.

So just wanted to raise two topics for consideration:

  • Deliverability - some custom signatures I’ve seen with a lot of social media links would eat up the good practice link quota per email (which was recently confirmed as max 3-5 per email)
  • Accessibility?

Agreed this wouldn’t be worse than Outlook but JO emails being spoofed, it’s probably worse taking into account.