Dynamic Multiple Choices in Survey 2.0

Hi All, 

As it sits today, when we send out our NPS Survey, there is a multiple choice question with a list of all products that we sell and we ask the customer to check off as many as they own. While this technically works, some customers don’t actually know the name of the product.

I have a new object I created with a list of the products they own (could always move this to the Company/Company Person Object as well), but is there a way in the Survey to only show the products in this list dynamically? I guess I would want the multiple choice answers to be dynamically picked from the object. 


@richa_bala, is there a possibility with this? 

@johntrask_bt question - if you have the products, is there a need to capture them in the survey or could you just use data designer to report on them together?  

I don’t think you can auto-select the answers, but it does look like if you add them to company or company person, you could use them in branching logic.  You could also just add the GSID for that line item in the custom table to Company or Company Person and still get to them that way I believe.

Hey @heather_hansen, I guess I was thinking maybe a ranking or asking specific questions depending on what products they own. I thought about branching logic, but I would need a ton of questions as customers could own anywhere from 1-8 products. I really would like to have a question and then load the answer options based on what products they own. 

Hi @johntrask_bt, we can’t tokenize answer choices in Surveys today. The best workaround would be to create several questions and use branching logic, as @heather_hansen mentioned.

However, thanks for explaining your use case. I’ll request others to upvote this post and also leave a note briefing your use cases as well. This would help us build a case for this enhancement and add it to our product roadmap accordingly.