different from email address in email assist task

Hi Team,


Currently when we send emails using the email assist task . The from email address will be showing as the logged in user. If we setup different domains then we will get an opportunity to choose from which domain we want to send emails. We don’t have an option to change the complete “from” email address and replace it with a generic email address.



In future do we have an plans of providing this option to customers so that they can use any other email in “FROM” email address.

Hello @sandeepchidiri 

This capability will be released early Q3. 

Thanks for the update @chethana 

I’m interested to know how much leeway is given in changing the outbound email address. To take an extreme example, could any user within my instance send an Email Assist-based message that appears to originate from me, without my permission?


I could see scenarios in which this could increase the likelihood of an email being marked as spam.

Hello @matthew_lind 
We have an approval process. If i am allowing  mathew to use my email address, then i need to approve only after that mathew will start seeing my email id under from address and reply-to optons.

Is this implemented?