Customer Success Plan Edit Functionality for External User

Success Plans are a great way to track where you are at on a project. My team feels that if the success plan were more interactive they could get better updates from the customers that they are working with. The goal would to be to share Success Plan portal for a specific customer to a group of users. This would then allow them to create new success plans and reprioritize existing success plans. It also would give them the ability to check things off in specific Success Plans
This is a great idea.  So many of our tasks are confirming the customer has done something on their end.  If would be fantastic if they client had the ability to update/close those tasks.  It could get them accountability AND serve as a sign-off.
I love this idea! A true success plan is the objectives the customer agrees upon, what they deem as success so having you & the customer track the "joint objectives" definitely maintains accountability, transparency and alignment.
We continue to get customers requesting the ability to make edits to their shared success plan. It would be great to not only allow them to edit the success plans, but be able to assign tasks/objectives to an external user, and also send a CTA to the CSM notifying them of the change that the external user made. 
I voted for this a while ago and realized I never commented. YES - I think this would be great. Especially the ability for external users to check off objectives they've completed on the Success Plan. I decided to create another community post about that specifically. Feel free to upvote so we can get more traction on both these ideas! :D

Yes! It would be awesome to assign tasks to the external user as well!!
This is critical to our objectives for success plans. We want our customers to be involved with their success plans. When someone is held accountable to checking in and they feel involved they're more committed to executing!

I could see this beign super useful, especially if there is a file upload/management component. Success plans for onboaridng which give us an interactive checklist. One of or products needs visual assets from the customer and having the customer able to upload directly to the CTA would be amazing.

This is currently in the product roadmap. cc Aditya Marla

Is there any update on this functionality?

We have this on our short term roadmpa for Gainsight NXT. I will keep you updated on the exact timing as and when i have more clarity

NXT is the next evolution of the Gainsight platform that will offer exciting new capabilities for Gainsight customers. To learn more about NXT, talk to your Gainsight COM or check out this Community Post:

Hello Everyone!

Happy to announce that your request has been considered and included as part of the release. CSMs can now collaborate directly with their customers using Success Plans. This enhancement helps CSMs assign Objectives/Tasks to People(External), assign permissions and share Success Plans with them so that they can directly make changes in the Plan using the shared link.

You can find the relevant information in our Release Notes.

This feature is implemented in only NXT version.

Thanks for posting!