Cockpit: Custom CTA fields should be visible by default

In the Create CTA layout, Custom CTA fields are buried beneath an “Add More Details” link that obscures what may be crucial fields we want end users to populate.  

End Users are forgetting to populate them because they are not immediately visible.  All fields should be visible by default when creating a CTA, preferably in amongst the fields above the CTA Comments.  Users can choose 

BONUS POINTS: It would be great if admins had more control over the Create CTA layout and could rearrange the fields the way we want them.   



+100 votes. 

Beneficial requirement when it comes to new custom CTA Types asks are placed by business. Existing standard layout do not show or allow admins to add mandatory field info for CSM’s to populate it for their planning needs. When manual CTAs are created required fields are missed to capture values and later it pulls additional efforts for admins/process owners to follow up.

I concur.

@darkknight agree with this use case. When we do the admin revamp, we will evaluate if we can give finer controls to the order in which fields are displayed. Thanks.

We have had times that custom fields on certain CTA types would be so beneficial, but we actually don’t even bother creating them because they’re so hidden and therefore not well-used. Would love to have the option to hide or not hide them behind this add more detail section. The ideal solution is just being able to decide which fields (and if I’m dreaming in what order) the user sees when creating a new CTA.

This would be a prerequisite to another feature request we would like (being able to require custom fields at CTA creation on specific types)

Would love to see this!

@mindym @jlicciardello Thanks for the feedback. As a part of admin revamp, we are thinking of giving the admin ability the decide the field order.

@mindym @jlicciardello Thanks for the feedback. As a part of admin revamp, we are thinking of giving the admin ability the decide the field order.

I don’t see why no - we have the option for linked objects within a CTA as well. You can always assign a default layout we can modify.

@sriram pasupathi any update on if this has been added to the roadmap?

@anirbandutta may you check to see if this is on the near term roadmap?  As custom fields become more relevant for CTAs, having more granular control over the Create CTA layout becomes more of a necessity.  Thx!

@mpatra could you pl share any updates?

@darkknight - We are considering this as a part of our Admin Revamp initiative that we will be working on this in the second half of this year. We will have tentative timelines for this soon.

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