Being able to create a Home "Standard widget - Web page" that users can add, rather than create

It would great to be able to create a “Standard widget - Web page" that users can just drag and drop rather than needing to add the URL themselves. Similar to widgets from reporting.


This would help in making sure users have the correct URL and assist in making the experience easier for the user.

Hey @gschardan, thanks for sharing your idea on Community, forwarding this to the Product team to look into and circle back with their thoughts on the same.

Hi @gschardan 

Can you tell me what all web pages are you thinking? It helps if you share the usecase this widget is supposed to solve.

@rakesh This was posted for a customer and there wasn’t a particular web page mentioned. They wanted it to be easier for the end user by having the URL available, similar to a report widget. Rather than them manually putting in the URL and it possibly not being put in correctly.