Add Template to Mass Edit

I do the same exact mass edit multiple times a week (close CTAs for reps who have left the company).  It would be great if I could have a drop down template to show the mass edit criteria i specify.  I tried to create a rule to close CTAs for inactive reps but since the CTAs all have different Types and Reasons it does not work.  
Yes! Call it a template or a scenario. We need this for efficiency and to avoid mistakes.
To just add a different way of saying the same thing:

Since Mass Edit seems to be based off the same fundamental technology as Reports, it'd be great to have the ability to "Save" the Mass Edits, the same way I can with Reports.

And a different way of reaching the same outcome: update the "Call to Action" Rule Action to be faaar more flexible:

  • Identify CTAs by an unlimited number of "identifiers" stored on the CTA, on the Tasks, or in a Data Space that includes CTAs or Tasks
  • Conduct any of a variety of actions on those CTAs or Tasks
  • [i]This has been logged as a [i]separate feature request

Hi All,

Thanks for posting this idea, totally makes sense. We have added this in our roadmap. ETA to be decided.


Any updates on timing for this?  
With 5.5 release, You can close the CTA's based on any criteria. Read more about it here. Select the CTA's based on your criteria, and in close CTA action use the CTA Id to close them off.
Sundar - The link you provided doesn't work; it is linked to "enable-rules-engine-to-update-with-the-option-to-replace-features-comments-or-adding-to-them" which does not seem to be related to saving templates for mass edit.

Can you check on the link?
Thanks Kristin. Updated the link, jut wanted to link to feb release notes.
I don't understand how this is implemented. I don't see any capability to save a set of criteria defined in the Mass Edit tool as a template to reuse later on.

Can you clarify?
I think what Sundar is getting at is that the particular use case in the original description on this post was to [i]close a set of CTAs that meet certain stored criteria, and that can be now done using a Rule instead of Mass Edit. If you instead are using Mass Edit to change [i]other characteristics of CTAs, I don't [i]believe that a Rule can now be used in any different way than before.
That may be, but the entry is title "Add Template to Mass Edit", which is not implemented, and is desperately needed. When you are managing CTA assignment for over 100 AMs, and there is continuous onboarding with reassignments, it would be a huge time saver and avoidance of errors to have saved templates for repeated tasks.

@Sundar - To maintain visibility of this request, should I create a new entry? Or will you revert the status from implemented to something else.
100% agree.  Even just locking in desired "show" fields would be a help.  It's such a waste of time to set this up from scratch each time accounts transition.
Changed the status for this.

I'm sure Mass edit would be the right approach for your usecases.
+1 on this Sundar. I have multiple customers that have to manually build these very often when transitioning accounts(which happens often).
+1 on this Sundar. I have multiple customers that have to manually build these very often when transitioning accounts(which happens often).

I see this is pretty stale and the link to the separate feature request is dead. Is this still under consideration? I recreate the same mass edit to move CTAs when orgs are reassigned. Open to other ideas if this request has reached a dead end, though. 

@dgoode  It’s a valid request. We will consider this in our medium term roadmap. Thanks.

The ability to save the configuration gets two 👍🏻👍🏻 from me