Ability to track time worked with Outlook/gmail email integration

We would like to be able to automatically track the duration (time worked) on an email when creating that email in outlook and it automatically going to Timeline through the integration. This would help save us time from going back over to timeline and adding the duration of work.

This would be great to help success managers track their time and activity in the customer work flow.

Hello @andrew_cummins @MegCurran 
Thanks for bringing this up.Will it help if we expose the timeline attributes in the gmail/outlook integration itself, where you can fill up these fields before logging them to timeline?

Yes, that is exactly what we are looking for. To be able to fill in the info we need to fill in like duration while in Outlook so that duration (time worked) gets passed to the timeline entry.

@chethana  what Andy said! Yes we would LOVE that!

Hello All,

We are working on building this experience. We will expose the timeline composer in the plugin space, whichever information can be populated we will do that, like meeting description into notes, attendees will be mapped to internal and external attendees. User can then manually fill in attributes which were not pre-populated.
I would like to share the design of the idea. Please provide your comments. The right side of plugin space will be made available for email as well.


@chethana  will there be a field to add time/duration? Looking great so far!


@MegCurran You can create custom attribute to track and tie it to specific activity type.So when user choose to that activity type, they can fill those attributes.

@chethana  great thank you. And I assume we can add a subgroup drop down? Thanks!


This looks really great! Nice job! if we add fields in the MDA object and utilize dynamic dropdown lists will we have control over what is displayed and what not to display? Also, will this sidebar be avail just for calendar items (as shown in the pic) or also when creating emails?

@andrew_cummins  this will be available for email as well. But to begin with  we will start with calendar.

@MegCurran would you rather have email or meetings first?

@andrew_cummins when i say first, there will not be much time. gap between these. I will keep you posted about the updates.

@andrew_cummins  I think if @chethana says there will not be much of a gap, I am OK with meetings happening first. I am excited about both!

@chethana will we have the ability here to track time in the outlook connector? Right now we still have to jump into Timeline AFTER the email hits timeline to track our time. 

Hello @andrew_cummins 
We have planned to expose timeline attributes within the add-in/plugin itself, once we do that you need not revisit timeline to do this.

@chethana  can we please have an update with this? We are going on 4 months now with what we see as no movement. Our users are itching to use this now. 

Hello @andrew_cummins 

This is planned as our medium term roadmap item, you will see updates about this soon.