Ability to pin a Timeline activity

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Our client timelines are reviewed by a number of different users, from CSMs to Management to others who support the account and need to quickly sift through Timeline activity notes to pull details for QBRs. It would be helpful if the CSM could pin a particular Timeline activity to the top of the Timeline to flag for review by others. So for example, if the CSM logs an update, he/she would include the most important points in that activity so others don't have to spend time reading all of the long email chains, etc. just to get to what they need, while CSMs won't need to change their process of logging activities.

Love this suggestion. Very relevant! Thanks Anastassia for suggesting it.

What do you think @nitisha_rathi ?

Great idea! Very useful to keep the more important engagements at top of mind.

We’ve also had our team request this for our instance as well, love this idea!

@All, Thanks for bringing this up! we have added this to our near term road map, I will update you here once we consider this for release. 

Changed the STATUS too…!

Thanks for the update @sai_ram !

@sai_ram been a year since your last update. Anything new on this?

We have a solid requirement and having this feature would add a lot of value.

Hi @sai_ram @gainingsight is there any update on this functionality as of today? 

Any update on this? Such a brilliant suggestion

Our reps have requested this as well! Would love to hear if any updates have happened.

Adding @Bhawya on this hot thread

I’d love to hear if there are any updates on this? We are receiving multiple requests from our CSM for the ability to

  1. Pin Timeline activities (Universal) so that who ever is visiting the timeline can see this pinned activity on the top
  2. Star Timeline activities (User Specific) so that the user who has starred the activity can see this on the top of the list.

+1, would love an update on this. 

Would also like an update on this! Thanks!

This item could not be picked up due to other higher priority items. Will update this thread once we have visibility of timeline for this item.

Bumping this for visibility. 


BUMP again! We need this !!!!

How is this not a thing already?

I would love to have this as well!

What about the new C360 Customer Journey timeline widget? I haven’t used the new C360 yet, but I would hope that effort could be combined with this request, and allow us to manually choose a timeline activity to pull into the Customer Journey timeline widget. ie, the “pinned activity” would be added to the journey widget.


@sarahmiracle In the current version of C360 customer journey widget, choosing a timeline activity manually to display on the widget is not supported. Admins can today configure the milestone types which should be displayed on customer journey widget, activities are pulled into the customer journey widget based on that configuration.

‘Ability to pin a timeline activity’ is under consideration, will update this thread when there is clarity in terms of timeline for this feature. 


Would love to see this one happening!

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I hope this gets prioritized soon. Seems relatively low effort while providing a huge efficiency gain. It will also prevent workarounds like we recently discovered where some of our users were posting activities with an activity date well into the future (e.g. 1/1/2040) so that a certain post would always be at the top. It was throwing off our reporting and some rules.

Any status on this? Looks like it’s been 3 years and is still under consideration. 

@sai_ram Curious to know where this stands on your roadmap as the last status was form 3 years ago.