Ability to Modify CTA type after creating CTA in cockpit

One of our customer reached out to us saying, If we can modify the CTA type after creating CTA, Tried checking  looks like it is not editable once we create CTA.

@Saichand Moturi thanks sharing your request here. It has been restricted because the form gets changed based on the selection of CTA Type. I mean the fields get changed based on the selection of CTA type. 

I will once again check with the product team on this. Thanks!


Hi @sai_ram , 


Customer has logged one more ticket checking the feasibility of this request. Kindly have a look at the same and confirm the feasibility

“Do you have the ability to change the CTA Type in the back end for a CTA that already exists? For the ones that would change, there would be no change to the form.

The issue is that we open risks as one type and then need to change them to a different type as we understand the problem better.”

@sahil_nazir As Sairam has mentioned, the fields related to each CTA type completely change and all that information will be lost when the CTA type is changed. We would suggest to create another CTA and provide the link of this CTA (in the description or a custom field) of the new CTA to maintain context.

It would be really helpful to be able to switch a CTA Type, especially from "Activity" to "Risk". To be able to switch, I have to close a CTA, and start a new one from scratch. Many activities do not start as a risk and simply creating a new CTA is time consuming, especially if the activity has many tasks, comments and timelines associated to it. A conversion into a Risk workflow would be quite a nice feature.  Please give a rethink.