Ability to Kick off a Rule Chain or a Rule from Connectors

I have a few customers lately who have similar requirement to this:


As a Gainsight User, i would like the ability to kick off a rule chain on successful completion of a Connector Sync Job. 


I have a particular customer who is using mixpanel and wants to kick off an outreach to the customer if a particular event is triggered in their platform.


As it stands, the only way i can do something similar is to run a cron expression in rule scheduling to run the job on an hourly basis, which is not optimal

Hello @mark_deegan, thank you for your detailed post, having this looked into by our Product Manager who will get back at the earliest.

Similarly, we use the Gainsight APIs to pull in data and use the rules to do some transforms, aggregates, etc. Would be rather efficient for once the connector is done to automatically set off the rules.  

@mark_deegan , thank you posting this request. While we don’t have this in our near term roadmap, this is something we would like to add to our backlog. Meanwhile, the more the number of votes on this feature, the easier it will be for us to prioritise it.