ability to clone success plan

Hi there, as we are experimenting around success plan and more importantly the CSM workflow around it - some unmet needs surfaced by the current version of Success Plan functionalities.

ability to clone 

success plan is intended to be created/updated every quarter or 6 months or annually. The plan info may change but much info will stay the same. It will be much easier to be able to clone an existing success plan and update it to-date, instead of doing it from scratch. 

Ideally, I would like to be able to clone all the plan info and the objectives (CTA level, but not task level). But if to clone objectives will require cloning it for all, I think I can live it with it as well. Thanks. 

Hi Annie,

In the next release, ability to create success plan templates (analogy playbooks for CTAs) will be available. You can then create a template with set of objectives and tasks and apply it to every quarterly/ six monthly plan.

The ability to clone a plan(with plan info, objectives and tasks details) is also in our roadmap. ETA to be decided.


Thanks Nitisha for the reply.

Just to elaborate a bit more on the request context. What we'd like to do is for each client, to track what the client's objectives are (incl. using client's own terminology) Admittedly, there will be common themes across the entire client base, but for each client it's individualized. 

We'd like the CSM to review the objectives on a quarterly or bi-annually; and often time it may not change much, but from workflow perspective, we want the conversation to happen and we will ask the CSM to create a new plan each time, so that we can track when was the last time such objectives were reviewed with the client and was updated. 

However, to minimize the administrative burden on CSM, the clone ability is essential. It's cloning the existing success plan, so that you can tweak/edit it to the current state. But NOT editing from a template, as such template is hard to provide in the first place.

Would be very interested in learning the ETA for such when it's available for sharing. Thanks.  
Hi Annie,

Thanks for your input. I understood your point. I will share the ETA soon.


Any update on the ETA for the ability to clone a Success Plan? We have a couple of templates in use, but it would be nice to be able to save a completed Success Plan as a template if we find that it would be useful for other accounts (without doing so manually.) The ability to apply playbooks to Success Plan templates would be great- many success plans here share some objectives, but not all, so if after adding an objective we could just apply the playbook to the template rather than adding all the tasks manually if two templates share an objective would save a lot of time.
Hi Anna,

Let me divide your post in three different capabilities -

1. Ability to save a success plan as a template, so that this template can be reused by different accounts - This is in our roadmap and will be available by first half of this year.

2. Ability to clone a success plans: I may want to clone all details of an existing success plan (plan info, objectives and tasks) as it will be much easier to clone an existing success plan and update it to-date, instead of doing it from scratch - This is also in our roadmap. I will keep you updated about the ETA.

3. Ability to apply playbooks to objectives in success plan templates - We are already working on it and mostly it will be available in this quarter. I will keep you updated about it.


Hi Nitisha, thanks for all of the updates on this. The ability to clone success plans will be very helpful for us in 2016. Looking forward to your next update on ETA. Thank you!
Thanks for the updates Nitisha, looking forward to these releases!
Seconding this option as CSM's like to tailor a playbook and add/subtract "nuances" to a template.

Ability to clone would allow CSM's to simply hit Clone, change the customer name or time period and not have to add/remove objectives.
Also need this capability. Templates aren't enough - we have that setup, but we need to be able to clone for the next year in case certain objectives didn't get checked off or we have that context not loss. Thanks!
Hi, Nitisha.

Is there an update on the ability to "clone success plans?" This is a huge pain point for our Customer Success team. As many have eluded to on this thread, creating a new success plan every quarter or year is extremely tedious. Especially, when working on complex projects which require great detail. 
Any update on the ability to clone/duplicate a success plan? Annie's comment earlier in this thread fits our use case as well. We are building quarterly success plans and often the details in the plan info area will not change too much quarter over quarter. Being able to clone this to the next quarter, as well as pull over any incomplete objectives (or just clone and then delete any unneeded from there would be great!) Please let us know if this is something still under consideration. This would be an incredibly useful and efficient timesaver. Thank you! 
I too would like to know when the ability to clone a success plan will be implemented, we do quarterly success plans for our customers and those objectives change quarterly so cloning a template would not fit the solution for us but cloning a success plan itself will.
I would also like to know if the capability to clone a success plan will be available. Is there an ETA on the roadmap?

There are two additional Community posts regarding cloning success plans. I also briefly spoke to Scott Drost about this during Admin office hours. Do we have an ETA on the ability to close success plans? :)

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