Ability to add a View Contact record option in reports

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So on the C360 we have a section pulling from the Contact object.

In addition to the columns pulled into the table layout an Action column is automatically added by the system where you can either Edit or View the Contact record directly.

Firstly it would be nice if this could be configured by the report builder rather than automatically added by the system

More importantly no such feature is available in Reports that are surfaced for example on the Gainsight dashboard.

For example I have a report on the Dashboard that looks at a CSM's Contacts across their accounts but if they want to jump directly to a given Contact record in Salesforce we have to include the ID so they can paste that into the Address bar or the email which they can then search upon in Salesforce.

It would be great if we could add a View/Edit Contact column/feature in these types of report.
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