Why is the bot showing a default category?

  • 18 January 2022
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When previewing the bot in the editor, there is no default category but when I preview it automatically selects the first from the list. I would much rather force the user to select one so that it goes to the right category. Otherwise they don't see the dropdown and i’m having to manually get the right information to the right people.


I use 2 categories for feedback and 1 category for support issues. The feedback categories go to my product management tool, the support issue goes to our support email.



2 replies

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Hi @leslietou,

You are correct, we do not have an option to select the default category in PX, but the first option would be selected when the bot is live, this is how it is designed, it’s so because,
The count of people who takes time to give feedback is less, so in order to provide the minimal options to select and submit the feedback is what we expect would increase the user experience but anyhow since the user able to see what it is selected, if at all the user thinks it is not the category the feedback needs to get into then they would select that dropdown and select according to their choice. For example if the feedback is regarding feature request and the default category is Issue then they would select the required category from the dropdown and submit the feedback.
I hope this is helpful.


Yes I agree with you on all that in theory…

But based on the data, users are ignoring this field even if their feedback relates to a different category so it would be more efficient us (and better for them ultimately) to force them to select an option. This way the information is fed to the right person immediately.