Guided engagement | create dependency on another guided engagement

  • 12 October 2021
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I have created two guided enagements let’s say A and B and I want to show the guided engagement B only when A engagement is viewed. I was trying to use the `In App Engagement` option under `Audience` but there is a field called `Last/number of times` which I don’t need at all. I just need the first two whereby I can specify on which engagement I have dependency and what is its status. Could you please guide me how can I achieve that.


2 replies

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Hello @pallavig, thank you for posting on Community. Passing this along to our Product Manager to be looked into and circle back to you with an answer.

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Hello @pallavig , For your use case , setting number of times to 1 may work best. The reason why we add that is that for the real time evaluation of the rule, there would be ton of events for us to sift from without a consideration of when they last saw Engagement 1 or atleast how many times they saw.  Let me know your feedback on using number of times to 1