Convert Multi select drop down to string type

  • 24 April 2023
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Any clue about converting a multi-select drop-down to a string?
An attempt to convert resulted in a code result.

Filed 1 = Multi-select dropdown

Field 2 (formulae field of type string)= concat (Field1, 0)
Is it expected?

2 replies

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Hi Harika , 


No the formula field will not work , You need to write a rule to put a case statment to convert the picklist to string I think now DD gives option to get the value of picklist.

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Hi @Harika Singadi 


This might help if you have not worked this out already.

In my scenario, I have a multi-select picklist (3 options only) for a method to capture Strategic Segment. Please note: A customer in our instance can be in multiple strategic segments, therefore we are unable to use a single select picklist 😔

As you probably know, reporting and grouping single select picklist is easy. However not so for multi-select. In fact not really possible with out doing a transform.


Here’s what I did today

In Data Designer I duplicate the field (via a transform) this converts the data to comma separate string data. I then push this data into the Strategic Segment String field that I created via an action.

After running the data design, I can then report off this field. I do however end up having two fields;

  1. Strategic Segment (Multi-picklist)
  2. Strategic Segment String (the field I use to report off in many cases)

The above situation works for me, however if you had an extensive multi-picklist - its going to get ugly and not really work.