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  • 29 June 2016
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Advocacy is an key part of Customer Success. It is important to retain customers and increase customer lifetime value. It is also a very powerful component of the sales cycle.

How does your team encourage and track advocacy?  How does your Marketing team use Gainsight? 

[i]We'll be continuing the conversation below! Additionally, tune in to hear our Customer Marketing Strategy Lead host a webinar on Wednesday June 29th @ 9am PST where we will be discussing this topic! Click here to register.

4 replies

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Hi! Just attended the advocacy webinar. I would love to learn more since this is something we are looking to implement in Gainsight. Could you please post the names of the playbooks you use so I can view them in vault? (since vault is so easy to search :)) Thank you! 
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Hi Danella,

Thanks for your post - love to see our webinars driving interest in Vault!

Here are 2 playbooks that might be helpful:

Folder: Drive Expansion & Advocacy, Sub-folder: Finding Customer Advocates
  • Customer Reference Playbook
  • Advocacy Follow-up Playbook
There are also a number of other playbooks in there to find advocates & references (e.g. NPS Promoters, Healthy Habits, etc.)

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Thanks Danella and Ethan!

Here is a summary of our Q&A today:

 Since reference requests are for prospects, what account do you assign them to on Gainsight?  
Answer: We have an account for Gainsight on Gainsight, so we assign them directly to our own account. 

Question: How does the process differ for other types of advocacy, like case studies? 
Answer: The process remains fairly consistent. We typically still rely heavily on Chatter to communicate the use case as well as schedule offline internal discussions/interview customers. We capture everything in different 'Advocacy' milestone types.

Question: How customizable are different events?
Answer: Completely! Gainsight allows you to customize different milestones. For more information, review the Customer Reference Playbook on Vault. 
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If you missed today's webinar, you can view the recording here[i].  Let us know what you think!