Would like to be able to send a survey from Cockpit/new "Email Assist" Playbook task

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I've spoken with two companies that would like their CSMs to be able to send a survey (after onboarding or training for example) via the new "Email Assist" task from within the Playbook  on the CTA in their Cockpit.  These are specific situations where an automated survey is not appropriate.  Having this option would provide the extra control needed for a segment of customers to validate that the timing is actually right  as well as customize the email as appropriate.

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Thanks for the additional resource.

Yes, Alex answered everything we needed to get this configured last week.

Our use case is exactly as described in the original post.
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Hi Brooke,

Hope you were able to send survey from Email Assist, you can visit this document to know more about it.

Let me know if you have any more questions related to it.

Perfect! Exactly the info I was looking for! Thanks, Alex!
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If it has any of the following then it has to be separate emails
  • Survey
  • Contact/User object tokens
  • Report with Contact object filters  
Last thing: How/when can the CSM uncheck the "send separate emails" checkbox? Is that not possible in this use case?
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In the playbook. See below

Thanks, Alex! I can’t figure out how to map in the survey link. Is that from the playbook or does the CSM do it within the task?
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Hey Brooke,

This was released. You should be able to add a 2.0 email template with survey link/button to a playbook and map it to a specific survey. The link is autogenerated based on the contact added.
Was this released? How do the CSMs populate the survey link token?

Right now, they have to delete that sentence from the email and/or paste in the link separately.

Does the survey have to be specific to email assist? Trying to send emails to non-enterprise clients via CoPilot Outreach then send to enterprise clients via Email Assist, with same survey link.
Great to see this included in the recent release. Thank you!
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Thanks Sai... There's some great new functionality in this release!!!
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Hi Elaine, Summer Release is out and this feature is shipped in Summer Release.
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Got it - thank you guys!
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This is correct.  Every link is unique to the Contact.  [This is why integrating Survey into Email Assist is not a small thing....have to intertwine the Survey link generation with the Email Assist flows.]
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While I am not 100% on this, I don't believe you will be able to use a generic survey link. I assume the link will be generated based on the contact you are sending the email assist email to, kind of like how it is done in CoPilot. That way we have a contact/account id to log the response.
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Quick Question on this  - With the upcoming release (Sept 2) will survey responses sent via email assist be tied to the Account? Not sure that including just a generic link in an email template will tie back to the account that the survey it should be associated with.
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Just ran into this exact same problem.  We'd love to add our name to this request.
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Looping back to your question for me, Jason:
For this particular survey, we don't include an NPS question, and we don't load the results into Gainsight, so we don't trigger any CTAs/Copilot/Health Scores. Those are all substantial limitations, but one our Implementation Manager is willing to live with for now, since the volume of survey results is small enough that she can easily follow up personally when need be.
Yes! Thanks!
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That is great!
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Sending surveys and reports from email assist will be available in summer (Aug) release.

Thanks Denise. Controlling whether/when to send is probably more important, though we also want CSMs to be able to customize as well. I'll check out the material on Advanced Outreach though as I haven't reviewed it.
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Question Jason - is the primary reason to use Email assist (vs scheduled) due to 1) allowing CSMs to personalize the email content or 2) control whether/when it is sent or 3) something else?
We did introduce in this last release the ability to trigger the survey process in Advanced Outreach based on an event (docs contains an example using the Events framework with cases) to give more options on 2.
Thanks Seth. So you don't have any CTAs auto-created based on survey results, correct? Do you put an NPS question in this survey? Do you somehow add results into Gainsight at all or just keep it separate in Survey Monkey for now?
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Hi Jason,
We have our post-onboarding survey built in SurveyMonkey for now, unfortunately, and use the 'custom data' URL query string to record the Contact ID with the survey. In Email Assist, I insert the Contact ID into the link to the SurveyMonkey survey.