Variant Email Templates In Email Assist

  • 28 December 2017
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I have a request from a customer to be able to use (for example) the language variant when using email assist. In testing this it appears that it always defaults to the first in the list (English) when sending out. They'd like the email sent out to a contact outside the US to receive the email in the local language similar to the way that Co-pilot works. At this time it looks like they'd need to create a template for each language. 

57 replies

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hello @cjonas03 

This will be applicable only for NXT and NXT with salesforce connector.

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This is great news! This feature will save our team from manually finding the right localized template to use. Does anyone know have an updated timeline on when this will be released?

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@ashleyyoung this is what you need

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Hello All,
we have this in our near term roadmap. Tentative ETA is Q1 2022.

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Is there any update when this could be completed?


Any update on this? The feature has a big impact on being able to scale our team’s work. 

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Any updates?  How are other companies handling this in Europe as they utilize Gainsight?