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User license assignment via rules engine

  • 26 March 2021
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Please allow license assignment via rules engine for unlicensed user records .

Mass license assignment works good from user management screen but when there is a request to assign more than 10 users it becomes manual and time consuming that is prone to errors or miss outs.

We have a use case where one of the profile having 300 assigned users out of which 80 users to be assigned as viewer license is adding complexity to admin management. If we have rules to perform the license type change could easily help us place the file in S3 and map the license type change for needed users.

Glad to know if there are other options that I am missing.

5 replies

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+100 hopefully available on any upcoming release specially the User Management is a bit troublesome in NXT. Thanks!

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@narayanan_s , @kevin.olayta , Hi, this will be part of the upcoming release (6.23 in April).

cc - @sai_ram 

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@narayanan_s It will be available soon in the upcoming releases...unfortunately we had to take it out from the 6.23 release due to technical issues.

FYI @soumitrasahu@sai_ram 

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My use case is any user assigned the NXT permission set + the installed package license  (MPL) should be auto assigned the viewer license to start on the GS side (unless other parameters, like added to another non Viewer permission group) 


We just switched from SFDC to NXT.

NXT put user management behind a Gainsight license so the team we have who helps provision salesforce can no longer get all the way through provisioning Gainsight. They can still help assign the permission set and the MPL but it shifted the load of managing 230+ licenses/permission bundles manually to our 1 Gainsight admin (me) 



Our CSMs (and viewers like expand sales teams)  only access Gainsight through SFDC 


Would also be acceptable if getting assigned/removed a MPL toggled between internal collaborator and viewer (to start)

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@kyle_handley if I am understanding correctly, you need Viewer license to be assigned to the Users by default if they have the MPL. But, you might have purchased certain number of Viewer and Full licenses and this way of auto-assignment may lead to higher number of Viewer licenses.

Currently, the User sync is done in such a way that the users are not initially auto-assigned with a paid license. It should be more of a deliberate action from the Gainsight Admins once the users have been added into Gainsight.

For managing auto-assignments post the User sync, we will be providing a License type field in Rules engine, so that once the users have been brought into Gainsight, you can set up rules to assign them correct licenses.