Unable to Export all Details within a Playbook

  • 18 September 2020
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I just spoke with our COM about this issue specifically and was surprised to find that there still isn’t a way to export all the data from playbooks after being on the radar for a few years now. Currently, there are 3 things we can do today:


Way #1
Context Id is the field which holds Playbook GSID's and which we need to use to join with another object Playbook to get a playbook with task info. Limitation here: you can’t pull in the description within the individual tasks or due date logic.


Way #2

Creating a CTA for the playbook in an account and then exporting it via the C360. Limitation here: You don’t get the playbook name, and again, no task description or due date logic.


Way #3

API. Limitation here: you can only fetch playbook object API and it’s the same as simply creating a report for the same result. Again no task descriptions or due date logic.


The ability to pull all of the playbook names, tasks names in order, the logic behind due date assignment, who the task is assigned to, and the description of the tasks is vital in our ability of describing how we get things done to cross functional teams. In a company of 2000+, there’s probably a good 100-150 different individuals who could do their job better if they were kept up to date on the CSM teams’ process and procedures as things here constantly evolve quarterly. CSM varies from company to company, but in our workplace the CSM team is at the center of everything; our hands are in all the cookie jars (to some extent). It’s just not feasible for us to give all these folks licenses just so they can see playbooks. 

5 replies

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@bdudro If I understand currently, your current challenge is that non-Gainsight users in your organization want to see the playbook definition and there is no way to do it without allocating them a license. And for this reason, you want a playbook export. Is this correct?

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@bdudro we need your inputs here. Please leave your comments.

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@sai_ram Your summary is correct. We are trying to share our processes with cross functional team and there is no way to cleanly export:

Name of Playbook
Each individual task associated (in order)
All configurations of the task (description, is there an email template?, and the logic behind how the due date for said task is calculated)

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I’ve heard similar requests about being able to export playbook details to an internal wiki page for cross team visibility and possibly expand adoption of Gainsight

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@bdudro @john_apple We understand the usecase here. We will try to evaluate this and add it in our medium term roadmap.