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Tabular Reports in Journey Orchestrator

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Hi All,

One of the frequently asked feature in Journey Orchestrator has been the need for sending tabular reports in emails.

We are looking at addressing that use case using the following approach - 

a. You will be able to use any of the tabular reports configured as part of email configuration.
b. You will have two options-  CSV/Inline Option for sending a tabular report.
    - CSV option is aimed at use cases where there are many rows and columns and the data is of high volume.
    - Inline Option is aimed at use cases where the data you want to share are simple tabular reports in email with very few rows and columns.
c. For inline option, a maximum of 5 columns and 20 rows will be allowed in tabular reports.If the report exceeds this limit , then the report will be sent as CSV to the recipient. 

[i]We are looking for feedback on the above proposal and guide us with respect to whether the above approach will meet the use case of  tabular reports. [i]Are there any other use cases which you felt we have missed?

As we are in the early stages of this design, things might become flexible in the future based on other considerations or use cases. :) 

Abhishek S

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That sounds great to me.  This would work for most of my use cases.
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+ a Million.  This would be awesome, and amazing!  I can't like this post enough!  I was actually reading the other post (2 pages, WOW) and saw your post Abhishek and about screamed in my office.

Our executives enter in a weekly Timeline entry that we've created a Dashboard for.  But because the posts and can be rather long at times - they have to export.  With the new proposed feature - we could automate that report instead - which would be a huge win!

I agree with the size limit - what you proposed works much like when exporting an Excel items from Reporting.  If small enough - it will open right for you.  But large enough - and it's emailed to you.  Consistency :)

But to also be able to have the ability to NOT have to have linked to Account, would be awesome.  For the example, the people that would receive the excel report of the executive - may not have posted or be tied to an account.  It would be internal only.

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Thanks for the use case.  One perspective I have (but feel free to disagree) is that the user experience of Timeline data in a tabular report is pretty poor.  While it is nice to be able to export and share it, getting a big CSV with lots of text in it is painful.  One of the motivations for building the Global Timeline is to provide a good consumption experience for Timeline data across Customers.  At the moment, the filters on Global Timeline aren't good enough -- can't filter by Company attributes, for example.  Suppose we had those filters -- and suppose we could be a filtered global Timeline on a dashboard.  Would that be a better way to address this use case?   An alternative could be to put effort into making working with text in a tabular report better.  Thanks.

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Works for our use case.
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Works for our use too.

In particular I don't mind the CSV report, I've had to build scheduled reports from SFDC in some cases, and would prefer not to have to do that
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Is there currently any workaround for being able to insert simple tabular reports in an email assist?

I have the same issue, I'd like to include a report with the status of our devices that a CSM could just click send, instead of doing some lengthy analysis and then sending an excel or CSV. since email assist doesn't support inserting a tabular report, and the limit for attachments is 2 Mb, it makes it kind of annoying for a CSM to have to send it manually from their email and BCC to timeline it, when there is already a CTA.

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This is such a common use case to use tabular reports in JO. I have hit a roadblock so many time trying to use JO and gave up because we cannot effectively use tabular reports. Any idea if there is a workaround or feature roll out plan on this one?

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Hi @abhishek_sivaraman. I know that you can send tabular reports and it limits the inline view to 5 columns and 20 rows of data. Though, there is no CSV file upload to the email when there is this much data. When trying to send a tabular report that has this much data it defeats the purpose if the recipient cannot get all of the data I am trying to send. Is there any update on the attachment of the CSV when there is more data than what can be viewed inline?

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Currently JO does NOT provide any feedback on the true # of retrieved rows for embedded tabular reports for any one company. I think after participants are brought into a program that the report filtering/snapshot job should do a check on # of filtered rows/ # of displayed rows and whether  participant(s) were seeing all of the report info pertinent to them.  If the amount of info for a tabular report exceeds the limitation I think we need to add in an option that would automatically attach a tabular report CSV onto the email sends for participants where the 5x20 limitation is exceeded. 

Also, I think it would be useful to see # of filtered rows/ # of displayed rows when previewing an email step with an inline tabular report.