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Reporting on People Maps

  • 21 November 2019
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We’ve had a few questions come up surrounding reporting as our team has started to expand their use of People Maps.

  1. We can pull a report from Company Person and show the Manager GSID in a field, but there is no lookup to the Manager’s NAME….are we missing something or what would be the best way to set this up? It is a standard field so I can’t just edit the field and add a lookup myself. We just want to be able to pull a report of select people at a company and also include details about their manager in the same table OR group by manager Name to show a list of all people who report to them.
  2. I know it was just released, but are their plans to add Influencer and Infulencer Sentiment fields to the Company Person object as well? Or is there somewhere else I can already report on this info? I don’t see it discussed in any of the help articles and am either missing it or it doesn’t exist other than in the People Maps UI. Again, looking to show a list of ‘Decision Makers’ and include who influences them with sentiment.
  3. I know I could set up this piece as a rule on my own, but since the feature is so new thought it may be best to suggest it as standard if others are interested too. Can we get a # field on the Company Person to show the number of influencers and number of direct reports a person has? It’s shown on the people map itself, but would be nice to pull into other reports. EX. Company CEO has 6 direct reports and 3 people who positively influence him/her.

2 replies

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@katie_b Thanks for bringing this up! We have added this to our road-map. I will update you here once we consider it for release. 

Happy posting!

Any updates on this?