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Reporting on CSTask Object: Call To Action Name field should be hyperlinked

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When reporting on the Call to Action object, the Call to Action Name field is hyperlinked which is very helpful. Unfortunately, this same field is not hyperlinked when reporting on the CSTask object. We have a use case where I'd like to provide a report to our Sales Ops team which pulls data when a specific task is closed. Ideally they'd be able to hyperlink into a CTA to pull an attachment as needed. Our Sales Ops team will be licensed into GS but will not use the product enough to need to understand navigation much. Without the hyperlink on the CTA Name, we'll need to explore other options for this process. Any chance this hyperlink can be added?

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Sarah, we are soon adding functionality to provide cross-table reporting across CSTask and CTA. I'll make a note that to review this use case, but likely will happen naturally. 
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Now I believe this is available and can be checked by creating a report on CS Task object by selecting CTA Name show field it redirects/navigates to the associated CTA.


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@imran1184 Thanks for posting it here!