JIRA Integration possible?

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The devil is in the details here. This definitely needs to be a bi-directional connection, with the ability to dynamically create, close, comment on, and modify Jira tickets in Gainsight.  

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Would LOVE this for Workflow and Escalations

Hi Gainsight Team! 

A Jira integration would be fantastic for us as well!  We’re currently working with Service Rocket to connect SFDC → Jira for bi-directional syncing with the goal of getting our Jira data into Gainsight.  However, our CS users would love the ability to create/update/edit Jira issues from Gainsight.

I see there was an update around 8 months ago noting that this is on the roadmap, are there any updates you can provide? 


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@rob_deaderick , @ashleyunity, @john_apple, @tatiana_ferreira, @azuqua_bot, @marie, @daniel_rose, @rob_deaderick, @cmultanen, @lane_h, @marcelo, @kristin_f3c469, @adam_bambrough, @chuen_moschetti_1466d2 sorry for the delay here. This is implemented and available now. Please refer to this article for more information. 

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@All, This is in production now. Please refer to this article for more information. 

Hi, is this jira connector possible for NXT?

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We currently do this via filtered JIRA queries and a script that pushes an export to the S3 bucket.

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Hi @sam_leonard @rob_deaderick. Jira connector is now available as part of the Connectors Horizon Experience.

We are in the process of migrating all customers to the Horizon Experience but in the meantime, if you want your tenant to be upgraded, you can reach out to me at with tenant details.