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Internal Email Metrics

  • 6 April 2016
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We have a couple internal emails setup. One is to notify a CSM they have past due CTAs. I noticed when we send internal emails, we don't get the same level of reporting. 

I'd like to be able to tell if CSMs have opened the email. This will help us determine how CSMs are engaging with the emails and Gainsight. 

Here is a screenshot of what I see for one of our internal emails when I click on "Opened":

We also have an email that does not go to someone who is either a contact in SFDC or the CSM, but another team who does not really have a field in SFDC or GS. Instead, we pull the email address from an MDA subject area. For these, we have zero ability to tell who did what with the email. 

Here is a screenshot of an example. We see things have been sent and opened:

But when you click on opened, you see this:

5 replies

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While discussing this during Admin Office Hours, we determined this is most likely a feature request. Switching over to an idea.
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Lane, Under Administration, in Data Management for the respective Object can you add the mapping for account name? Account name mapping is absent and that causes this issue. 
This will not solve all the problem, but will get better. 
Let me know how it looks after you added the mapping and re-run it.
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Hi Sundar, I believe I made the mapping correctly. Will this update retroactively or do I need to wait for the next email to be triggered and sent and will work moving forward?
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Hi Sundar,

I don't believe this is working correctly. 

The Internal email based off of SFDC Account Record still is not pulling the CSM into the analytics. And the other email based off of MDA data still shows no data available in the analytics portion.
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Analytics by CSM is not possible right now, but we are working on ways to better this.
Reg - Email based on MDA data is not working as expected because that mapping you did in Data management is not reflected in the powerlist. So you have to create the same powerlist again and then associate with outreach. Create a new powerlist and try. The account name field should be in yellow label instead of the white that you see now. Sorry about this, system does't recognize the mapping automatically.