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Heat map - improvement requests

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  • Instead of creating a heat map according to every cell in the table - it would be great to have ability of switching heat map on per-row basis. So RGB color (or any other) scheme would be created based on each row separately
  • Ranking - ability to show Top X summarized by one dimension only, ignoring the second dimension
  • Sorting - ability to sort descending or ascending but only summarizing by one dimension, same as ranking above
  • Paging and/or vertical and horizontal scroll bars when working with larger volumes of data and wanting to see everything in one table, even if it means user must scroll down/up or select next page
  • Resolve this problem

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Thanks for the post Alex. I'd love to make enhancements to heat map. It is unlikely we will be able to do it before Q4. Can I setup some time with you sometime later in the qtr, to understand heatmap and any other reporting in more detail?
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Hi Gaurav. Yes, that would be great. 
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Hey Gaurav,

Just wanted to see if you are going with some of the above bullets in your Q4 or Q1 releases? Can we expect heat map improvements along those ideas?