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[Feature Request] Making Gainsight Sally More Actionable

  • 16 April 2021
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I really want to like the Gainsight Sally feature, however I really haven't found a way to make it useful for my use case yet.

Getting the notifications is fine, but I also get the email notification at the same time. What would make Sally really useful in my case would be to allow me to interact with a CTA directly from within Slack.


  • Admin Use Case: New account needs to be provisioned. I get the notification in Slack, I go provision the account (this happens outside of GS), I complete the task and can mark it complete without ever interfacing with GS. Instead of the thumbs up/thumbs down features (which I don't even know what this is for?) I could instead mark the task as complete and remotely close the CTA in GS.
  • CSM: A task has been assigned to me by a colleague to schedule a meeting with my client. I may do this via my email account, via client facing Slack instance or via ZenDesk ticket. I could remotely check off the task that I have contacted the customer.
  • Manager, CSM: My CSM has a QBR coming up and they've emailed me their powerpoint deck for review in Google Slides. I could easily mark my review as complete within Slack instead of DMing my CSM, then going into GS to mark the task as complete.

I think there are a lot of great use cases to make Gainsight Sally an extension of the Cockpit and reduce the number clicks required by not only CSMs, but anyone who interfaces with GS.

1 reply

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Thanks for sharing this feedback and detailed use cases. I know @rahul_prayakarao will be interested to learn more.