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Extended CoPilot Outreach Scheduling Options

  • 15 November 2016
  • 2 replies

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It can become tricky when users want to send Outreaches twice a year and the ability to select "Yearly" as an option when setting a Recurring Schedule would be beneficial in allowing users to schedule outreaches semi-annually, bi-annually, etc.

Extended scheduling options may come in handy for customers looking to set a recurring schedule that extends beyond monthly.


2 replies

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Thanks Josh. The feedback makes sense. one of the reasons we haven't done this previously is that in 6 months, one may want to relook and modify the email template. Is this a common use case for you where you'd like to auto schedule that far is advance? thx
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I second Josh's suggestion, but would like a Quarterly scheduling option in CoPilot.

We use CoPilot to send out notices of expiring credits on a quarterly basis.  The email template doesn't typically change for that Outreach.  If it did, it's pretty easy to delete the Outreach and reschedule with an updated template.