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Date Field Group by on flattened survey object

  • 6 March 2018
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I have a customer that has been trying to work through building reports on a flattened survey object, they were following the documentation here: 

We show the ability to adjust the summarization on our Date field in the Survey Flattened object. 
After speaking with L2 this is not a supported function. They mentioned that he summarization on our Date field will only be shown on objects that are stored in SFDC (or) Redshift and this is not available for objects in HAPOSTGRES.

As survey flattening object is stored in HAPOSTGRES we do not have this as an option. 

The problem here is we have documentation saying this is possible and not only does this frustrate the customer but also support as we rely on the documentation also. 

If this could be added as a function I think it would help not only the customer that has experienced this inaccuracy but also customers in the future that will want to do this. 

1 reply

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I just ran into this too. I'm trying to slice our NPS reports by another question on the NPS survey, and so need to use the flattened survey report.  What I was told by Support is that the Summarize option is not available for the objects that are in PostgreSQL, and as survey flattening is in PostgreSQL, we don't see this option.

No idea what PostgreSQL or HAPOSTGRES are, but whichever is the right thing, I agree that we need to be able to group date fields.  The report I'm working on will quickly become unusable if I can't.