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Can we have an option to set the manual Color code for Single Picklists in the MDA Dropdown lists

  • 23 December 2020
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Currently, we were not able to set the manual Color code for Single Picklists in the MDA Dropdown lists instead of selecting it from the color palette as shown from the attached Gif. Could you please consider this request and add it to Road map.

7 replies

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@SKondreddy Thanks for sharing it here, definitely a valid use-case. Agree with you and redirecting this to the product team for more visibility. 

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Thanks for sharing.

Can you provide more details about the usecase /painpoint. Why can’t selecting colour from pallette suffice the needs ?

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In the above case, client wants to set his own custom color by entering the color code. Currently, It is difficult to find that custom color (which they required) by selecting the respective color. So if we can have the manual option to set the color that would be really helpful as well.

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Just to add more “colour” (sorry) to the above, when creating reports/dashboards we try and use our own branding of colours as much as possible (especially as we know they are accessible for all). And we have specific colours for some things, e.g. like plans, which are used universally across all platforms - it makes it really easy to know what you are looking at in a chart. 

When using the custom colours for reports this is totally fine to do (put any hexcode) but for picklists we have to do it from the drop-down/data mangagement interface and so we are stuck with just trying to get it “close”. 

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Thanks @HollySimmons . We will be keep it in consideration in our long term roadmap.

@ssamarth I’d like to add my weight behind this as well - it would be an absolutely great addition. As a relative newbie to Gainsight I have just come to customise some reporting and discovered this “issue”. Really want an easy way to get the branding sorted as some of the reports will circulate externally.


From a casual observer can’t quite work out why you can’t set your own colour code from the picker when what seems like the same picker is used in the reports page.

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@Matt_Hinds Thanks for the feedback. Will keep this in consideration.