Be able to use S3 Connector in Export to S3 in Rules Engine

  • 10 August 2020
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The Export to S3 in Rules allows for the export to an S3 bucket:


However, it would be helpful to leverage an existing S3 bucket connection that is setup in Connectors 2.0 within the Custom settings rather than have to re-enter the Access Key and Security Token within the Rule as those details aren’t always made available to a Gainsight admin.

7 replies

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I find it also a bit cumbersome to have to add the Access Key and Security Token on each rule you build. It would be so much easier if there was a way to apply this globally for your rules. It sucks when you rebuild the tasks multiple times.

The ability to customize the bucket on each rule might be useful for companies who are pulling from multiple buckets but I wonder how common of a use case that is. 

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Hi all,


Thanks for posting this - I do understand the problem here with Export to S3 not taking input from the S3 connection. Its something we plan to do in the future. I will post here as we pick it up!

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Thank you @rakesh!

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This would be a great improvement for usability for admins. I have had to rebuild many S3 ingest rules and its always a bit cumbersome getting through all the steps. Any improvement here would drastically improve our admin productivity. 

Want to clarify more, when you define rule, under ‘To which S3 Connector you want to Export?’ It shows ‘Gainsight Bucket’ and ‘Custom Bucket’,   can you actually search for the S3 connector you defined in Connectors 2.0?  It looks to me that you can only use whatever already existed in ‘Connectors’ not ‘Connectors 2.0’

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Yes @bennychan  we want to list any connections to custom S3 bucket made in Connectors. If I am right, we only surface Gainsight Managed bucket and Custom Bucket configuration today. 


One update: We are building this capability in Data Designer in the short term so you all should have something tangible to see how (& if) it works

Hi @rakesh 

In rules, I can point it to the S3 connector which I created in Connectors 2.0, I got it working now.  Apart from the csv file created in my S3 bucket, it also creates the ‘Unsaved’ directory in it.  Right now my issue is that I cannot get AWS Athena to connect to the S3 bucket.  Athena creates the new table but does not populate data into it.