allow bulk updates to Gainsight timeline

  • 3 February 2020
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we have a few use cases where having the ability to write to Gainsight timeline in bulk would be highly useful



  1. If a CSM leaves PatientPop without notice, we would like to bulk upload an account transition note into timeline for all of their accounts at once rather than one by one. 
  2. If a CSM gives their notice, we'd like to bulk upload their account transition notes into timeline using a spreadsheet rather then have them tediously click through each account individually. 
  3. When we receive a survey response from a customer to our various CSAT, NPS and product surveys, we'd like to automatically record the score/verbatim feedback into timeline. 

5 replies

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Hi Team!

I’m adding a use case on behalf of our customer here. Can we please prioritize this request and let us know the ETA on it? 

Use case:
- Allow activities to be created from the dash view (not account)
- Users would then be able to create and fill out multiple activities (calls,meetings,etc) with customer name, date, etc
- The user would then submit and the activities would then be populated to the account level

Business impact:
- Time is money. The ability to log calls in bulk would simplify the new user onboarding process and increase adoption overall.



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 Thanks for sharing this feedback. We will look into the possibilities of adding this feature but, we don’t have an immediate plan to support this as the team is occupied with other High-Priority items.

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We’d use this functionality to backfill customer email communication for a one-time load.

I’d love to have this feature as some of our CSM’s track their notes outside of Timeline but they need to be imported into C360 eventually. Doing this on an individual basis is extremely time consuming and inefficient. 

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@ali.alkadhimi We would love to hear about your use cases around bringing data from external sources to Timeline. Please feel free to fill this form and join our VCAM planned in the 3rd and 4th week of November.