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Ability to Reset Survey Links

  • 21 January 2021
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I recently had several participants click on the survey link for the first time and were met with a “you have already responded to this survey” page. This got me thinking:

Currently if a survey is submitted by a participant they do not have access to their answers either as a read-only or editable. If a participant wants to change their responses, or respond to questions they didn’t answer before submitting there is no way to re-set this.


Can we implement a way to individually and bulk “re-set” access to the survey link to participants as an admin? I imagine this would have to involve upserting new data into their record so a whole new response record isn’t recorded.


I am aware that admins can edit and delete responses but that isn’t a useful workaround in this case.


1 reply

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 @bradleymcg Thanks for sharing this use-case here. I am redirecting this to the product team.