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Salesforce Connector: Include detail of what happened in the logs even when successful

  • 15 August 2019
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I was hoping that when SF Connector replaced Gainsight Connect, it would also include information about WHAT records were pulled in by the jobs, as Gainsight Connect did not. That does not appear to be the case.

As I previously stated on that post:

"Sometimes you run into situations where something was a 'success' but it didn't perform the action you actually expected it to OR there was an issue of timing and you need to go back and track down where the disconnect happened. Success or Failure, we should always be able to track events that happened in detail."

5 replies

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Hi Jeff,


Downloading success records is in our roadmap. Implementation is not straightforward and might take some time. I will get back with an ETA by the end of next month. 




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Hi @sumesh - 4 months ago you said you’d get back to me with an ETA by the end of the month.  Any updates?  Also, it would be incredibly helpful to have more details in the log queue as jobs are running to indicate what’s happening (similar to how the Cross-Org Migration real time process log functions).  


This morning at 7:15 I manually launched a User sync for any records that have changed since last sync.  It is still running 30 minutes later.  But yesterday I manually launched it for ALL records and it only took 4 minutes.  More info would be useful to help admins know where in the process the job is and help determine if perhaps it is “stuck” and need support from GS.

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@darkknight ,


We’re working on better status updates on the logs page (especially to let you know if a job is stuck or to abort the job after a critical error)  and you’ll see incremental enhancements in that regard. We’re not in a place where we can show log queues yet but we’re working on eliminating situations where the jobs are endlessly stuck with no insight on the UI logs.


Outside of this though, we’re also in the process of redesigning our UX and include enhancements like giving the “source” records so you know which records where pulled in. The work on this is currently ongoing and planned for late Q1/ early Q2.






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@kunal_bhat @minh_phan would it be possible for me to see what your anticipated design looks like to give feedback/input?  This is a pretty crucial need - as it’s incredibly hard to troubleshoot when data isn’t mapped as expected.  I think it would be good for you to have end user input into your design.