Data Designer - Limit of 50 Show Fields for the Merge

  • 9 October 2019
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The merge for the data designer has a limit of 50 show fields. Is there a way to increase this? We're trying to create a report from two SFDC objects and need 40+ fields on each object.

10 replies

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Hi Faust, can you share a bit more about the use case for a report with 50 columns of data and how that report would be consumed? That feels like a pretty huge volume of data for a single report.

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When/how do I get access to data designer? Is the beta/tester program still ongoing? I was told I could participate 🙂 We are VERY eager to get our hands on it. Please advse Mr @dan_ahrens

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Hi Keith,

Data Designer is still in beta right now. We had a ton of interest in the beta program and wish we could have enabled it for everyone, but rest assured that we are working feversihly to get the most critical feedback incorporated so that we are ready for general availability as soon as the feature is ready for prime time!

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I agree this would be helpful for our organization. We're trying to combine our contract data with CTA and task data and definitely had to be a bit more selective that we'd like.

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I agree that the 50-field limit feels restrictive, especially since we don’t allow dataspaces created via data design to lookup to other objects. Which means you need to include everything you might need in that data design. If you think about it, you usually have access to hundreds of different fields when sourcing from just about any standard or custom MDA object. 


Also, the UX is unfriendly when displaying the 50-field limit. It doesn’t say how far over that limit you are, so you just have to uncheck fields until the error message disappears.


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Yes to everything @spencer_engel said! The 50 field limitation is going to be incredibly restrictive for us. Why would you limit my reporting capability? :( Please consider resolving in the very near term!

@elliot_hullverson FYI

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Recently I faced the 50 fields limit issue with Data Designer. Any plans on increasing this limit.

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I also would love this to be increased, especially for folks on the SFDC platform.  Im sure this is not really an issue for NXT, tee hee :)
A scenario we face is (unfortunately) some of our SDFC fields have been designed with incorrect field types, that don’t allow us to aggregate, as an example.  Our SFDC team in under-resourced, so to have them re-do the field to the proper type may take some time..

Instead of creating a data space for a specific solution, we would want to create a data space that can encompass multiple workflows.  


For example, let’s say that our case object has about 5 fields we cannot use for aggregation/charting, in addition, we also have to merge it with the account object so we can pull account attributes.  We would want to use data designer to create a ‘new’ case object that would pull as many as the case fields we would need for various reports down the road, not just the one report we want create right now.  


It makes it really messy if we constantly build data spaces for specific reporting solutions

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Hi All,


It is possible to increase this limit. However, when we increased the limit from 50, we have observed that when there are a lot of fields (especially from inside lookups) and data sets, the UI isn't as responsive. Hence we did not increase the limit for everyone. 

Let me know here if you understand this tradeoff and would still like me to increase this limit and I can increase it only for your instance. 

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@rakesh thank you for the heads up.  Personally, I would like to test this in a sandbox environment to see what the UI slowness looks/feels like to better determine the tradeoff.  I think 75-100 would be (for me) the perfect number of number of fields to have an output.  This will ensure that the MDAs we create are robust enough that they can be used for multiple work streams, making the overall tool more versatile and efficient (vs having to create a data designer for each work stream or report need)

Additionally, I would like to add an enhancement request to see if Gainsight can holistically look at the slowness and enhance the overall framework of data designer (if at all possible)

A possible but messy workaround is to do a data designer of a previous data designer and add to that.  From an administrator perspective, it can get a little messy and hard to manage.