{Posting on behalf of Customer}- Ability to have onle one person in People Maps

  • 20 November 2020
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Hey Team,


When adding a single Person into the People Maps view and refresh the page-the single person map disappears. Would it be possible to add people to the map without Connections? This would stay as a reminder and can help individuals gather more information about his hierarchy and influencers.


In the customers words- “For example, we have a new account and want to note that John Smith is the 'Decision Maker'. We'd add John Smith, but we haven't yet gotten to the point where we know who reports to him or who his manager is. We want to call him out as someone important and include him on the people map so we know as we have continued conversations with this customer that we need to gather more information about his hierarchy and influencers.”

1 reply

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  1. @prithvi_vihari Thanks for bringing this up here! Product team will get back to you on this.