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Wed, Oct 3, 2018 9:09 PM

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Idea. The ability to use Multi-Select Drop Downs in Timeline Activity Type Setups.

I'm working on expanding one of our (custom) Timeline Activity Types and realized that I can't use the Multi-Select Drop Down.  I can only use Single Select Drop Down.

Is there a possibility of expanding out the Timeline to include Multi-Select Drop Down options?  

Use Case:  We have a user who is speaking with our customers about a new product feature and often times covers a number of topics when speaking to the customer.  We use Timeline to post all of our updates - as it's easier for everyone to see what's going on.  [<3 Global Timeline] We're running into a problem of how to 'tag' the features she covers so it's reportable.  One idea that we had was to use the Drop Down (Category) feature.  As the reporting looks nice and breaks it out - so we could in turn get numbers based off the features covered.  [But in current production, Drop Down only supports Single Select.]

Additional Information: When updating or creating a new Timeline Activity Type; under the Configuration Layout field - there are a number of Field Types, Drop Down being one of them.  However in the current case, the Category that you want to be featured here must be a Single Select.  If listed as a Multi-Select it will not appear as an available Category for you.

Thank you for reading!