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Mon, Feb 25, 2019 9:09 PM


Feedback about BCC Email to Timeline feature

The new functionality released recently is helpful but I have feedback regarding this feature to improve its flexibility.

The idea of emailing meeting notes into Gainsight has received great feedback but we are facing some challenges into its adoption 100%. The reasons are its limitation around the following:

1. Our Team uses a project management software and we are running into technical challenges into emailing meeting notes from this app into Gainsight. The workaround is to send an email to user's personal email and then forward those meeting notes to external and internal recipients. This is adding overhead and involves same amount of effort as copy/paste meeting notes in Gainsight

2. Email Activity Type: Our Timeline activity types are added based on the milestones within customer journey. When we send an email to gainsight, all such interactions are added into Gainsight as "Email" activity type irrespective if it was a kickoff call meeting notes or Business review or escalation meeting notes. This will skew our reports during analysis as most of those valid converstions will be tracked and flagged as Email type.

Hoepfully there is a way of emailing meeting notes and flagging them into different activity types appropriately within Timeline using this feature.

3. Copy/Pasting Table layout in Timeline Activitiy Notes section: While copy/pasting the table either from excel or html format, the table looses its format and the text shows up in paragraph format. This has been added as a feature request here : https://community.gainsight.com/conversations/insert-table-in-360-timeline-activities-5bc73e0ae4b04588aaf85e14