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Admin Certification FAQs

Admin Certification FAQs


Our Training team heard you have some questions on the new Gainsight Admin Certification! Please find some commonly asked questions and their answers below. If you have additional questions, share them here and we'll update as needed.


How are the exams proctored? 

Our exams are proctored by a third party Kryterion online. For detailed information about Kryterion, please visit their website:



What are the technical requirements to take a proctored exam? 

Visit the following website to download the “Test Taker Guide” from Kryterion to test your system:

Gainsight does allow the use of an internal camera if you do not have an approved external camera.



What if I do not meet the technical requirements? Are there any other options?

To maintain our legal integrity, it is required that all exams must be proctored. If you cannot meet the requirements of Kryterion, you may have your exam proctored at one of the many dedicated test facilities.


What if I experience technical issues? 

If you experience technical issues, please contact Kryterion support via the following options. Voice 1-877-313-2008 or +001-602-659-4679 (international). Live Chat click on “click here to chat”.



How many questions are in the exam? 

The Gainsight Certified Administrator Exam is 80 questions.


Which testing formats and what type of questions will be used in the exam? 

All exams use multiple choice and multiple response questions.


How much time is allowed to complete the exam? 

Once you begin the exam, you have 120 minutes (2 hours) to complete it.


Which edition of Gainsight is covered in this exam?

This exam is based on the Gainsight Salesforce edition.


Will there be another exam for Gainsight NXT Administrators? 

Yes, we are in the process of building out the exam. Stay tuned for announcements.


How should I prepare for an exam? 

Each exam has an associated course. Complete the appropriate Gainsight courses and allow adequate time to study and prepare for each part of the exam. Visit our website for more information regarding preparation and what you should be familiar with. For the Administrator Certification we recommend taking all 13 Admin courses on CSU.



How long should I allow for the exam? 

Exam times will vary. The average time to take the test is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.  You should plan extra time for connecting to the exam, the verification, and technical requirements verification, and just in case there are any network issues or other problems prior or during your exam.


How will I receive my test results? 

Upon completion, each exam automatically posts a message on your screen regarding your result.


Will I receive my reward upon completion of the exam?

Proof of Certification could take up to a few weeks to be delivered to your account.


What is the exam retake policy? 

Every candidate has one free re-take. The re-take exam is only for candidates who have failed their first attempt. 


Will I have to pay for the exam if I fail it and the re-take?

Yes, if you do not pass the exam during your free re-take, you must purchase it again.


When can I schedule my retake for the exam?

You can reschedule the retake as soon as you wish to take it again. There is no required wait time.


What is the cost of the exam?

The exam costs $300 USD.


How long is the Certification valid for?

Our Gainsight Certifications are generally valid for 2 years, unless there’s a substantial change to the product and a new exam must be issued.


If I was previously certified in 2016 will I have to take it again?

Yes. The previous certification has expired based on its release date.


If I was certified in 2016, will I have to pay for the exam again?

If you completed the 2016 exam, we will share a coupon code for a full discount on the new exam. The coupon expires May 31, 2019.