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  • 2 November 2018
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We're using Success Plans to track the first 30 or 60 days of Intensive Onboarding Support for our clients (depending on which package they've chosen). Our Adoption Specialist wants to see a view that shows each client and the status of each of the onboarding calls (individual tasks within the objectives):

Column A is the name of the Account, Columns B-J are the name of each Task, Columns K - S are other Account Level Attributes.

How can I recreate this report in Gainsight so that the CSM doesn't need to manually create it in Excel?


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2 replies

We have been using Success Plans to run our client-onboardings for almost a year. I agree that reporting remains a painpoint and would like to see something similar, but thrilled to see others are running client-onbarding this way as well.

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Hi Kate & Jordan,

You should be able to create a DataSpace to achieve this. By creating a dataspace on the CSTask object, you can add fields from the task / objective CTA / Account to the dataspace & create a report on it.

Let me know if that helps