Difference between Company Person and Person

  • 13 October 2021
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Hello Gainsight Admin community,


One of the most common questions I have received is “What is the difference between Company Person and Person objects?” and “How to sync data into them?” - 

This document pretty much covers the Gainsight Person object model in detail. In this post I will be giving understanding of what they are.


Person: This object is stores the generic details of the Contact like email, name, first name, Last name etc..

Company Person:
- This object stores the company associated details of the Contact like role, Segment etc.. 
- Company Person holds a lookup onto the Person object
- Each record in Company Person holds a association with the Corresponding company.
- Every Contact in the Company Person is a subset of Person.


Why to have two objects as such ? - Consider the usecase where your single Contact is performing two roles as VP and Director to two different companies. In that case if we use Single object and single identifier (email) as a unique combination it will result in duplicates. Hence associating the contacts to corresponding companies will resolve this issue. Every record in Person need not associate with a company but every Company Person record will hold a lookup onto Person object.


Company Person → Person → Contact.

How to load data into these objects? -

  1. Rules Engine: Load to People here
  2. Company Person sync via SFDC Connector job 

Hope this helps!

Happy Gainsighting.


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