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Looking for advice/best practices.  Our scorecard is currently set up and operating fairly well.  I have 3 groups of measures, one of which is a ‘satisfaction’ group.  It has 2 measures - one for CSAT and one for NPS.  The CSAT score is derived from helpdesk ticket ratings.


I just published a new CSAT survey program with JO that gathers scores and feedback based on a client’s onboarding experience.  Is it better to add a separate score into the ‘satisfaction’ group score with appropriate weightings, or merge it with the helpdesk CSAT score?  Thanks in advance!

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@SHOEBOX thank you for this sharing this here.

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@SHOEBOX It depends on whether you want to track the onboarding score separately. If so, you should have a separate score for it. If not, you could merge it with the CSAT score.

In either et-up you could set it up in a way that does not affect the roll-up for the group score and overall score.




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@SHOEBOX you also do have the option to create multiple scorecards, so you could have separate scorecard just for customers during Onboarding, and then, move them to your regular scorecard once they are more in the engagement phase. 

I agree with Shantan that it really does depend on if you want to be able to report/see it separately.  We do make use a lot of including measures in the scorecard section, but not having them included in the weighting just for the ease of reporting and monitoring.