Unable to Delete a Dropdown Associated w/ an Activity Type

  • 18 September 2020
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I was testing out some dropdown categories that will be associated with a new activity type, but after testing I was unable to delete the dropdown that I didn’t end up wanting to use. Have others run into this problem?


My real problem here may be that I don’t have a “Sandbox” testing environment that would allow me to do this in Gainsight. Is this something that is available for Admin users?


Any ideas, suggestions, or comments welcome!

5 replies

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Hi @ewinglel 

If the Dropdown category is used in any object, we cannot delete the category.

You need to remove the dependency to delete the category.


I hope this helps

Thank you


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Hi @ewinglel

Gainsight can provide a sandbox for testing config in. You can also migrate changes from a Sandbox to Production. So if you want, you can build in the sandbox and then publish to prod once everything is tested and finalized. This can help ensure no bad config ends up in your production instance. 

As @pgeorge mentioned, you can’t delete a dropdown category once its used anywhere. To see which dependencies a category has, go to the dropdown item in Data Management and scroll down to the dependency section. Here’s a screenshot: 



In the screenshot above, I’m showing the Opportunity Status dropdown category. You’ll see in the red box that I’m using this category on tow objects. If you click the arrow on the right, you’ll be able to see which specific field its being used in. You will need to remove the category from your field before you can delete the category completely. 

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@jean.nairon Thank you for your response there. How did you go about getting a Sandbox Gainsight account? I think that would be very useful for me as I’m constantly working on new operational workflows and builds for teams throughout my company. Being able to test them before bringing them live would help me avoid deploying any workflows that have issues.

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Hi @ewinglel - sandboxes are great to play around in. I definitely recommend getting one for testing stuff out in a safe environment. 

Sandboxes are a paid feature and you would need to talk to your COMs or sales rep to get one. From my perspective, they are well worth the extra money so you can play in safely.

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@meenal_shukla Can you redirect this to right COM?