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Is it possible to have the ability to change the Font size for timeline entries?


When a CSM copy and paste text into the timeline they don’t have the ability to change the font if the copy and paste renders it too small.

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Thanks for sharing. We will pick it up based on the number of requests for this enhancement.

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This is a great product idea. Is there an idea for this already? I took a look and all I could find were these: 




I didn’t see anything specific for Timeline fonts. Could this item be turned into a product idea?

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I’m having users complain about this too. Sometimes the font will even change, and create inconsistencies in the activity. For example, if notes that contain bullet points are typed in OneNote, then pasted into Timeline, the font will change. The change looks to be only size-related, and does not alter the font-family, but I’m not 100% certain.