Timeline Activity Types

  • 2 May 2020
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Hey Gainsight Community,

I’m interested in learning what other folks are doing with custom activities types.  I’d like to get inspired to grow our team’s use of Timeline.

For example I’m going to Create a Custom Type called Company Highlights that will be used for our weekly internal CS Newsletter.

What other unique things are you all tracking in Timeline?

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We are using Timeline activities to log the following:

  1. Different meeting types (QBRS, Success reviews etc.)
  2. Transition notes (As the customer moves from one CSM to another, one stage to another)
  3. Configuration description
  4. Commercial notes (short summary of the entitlement information)
  5. Advocacy activities 
  6. (New) Covid impact on the customer
  7. Verified outcomes
  8. Risks