Synching CTA timeline entries to SFDC tasks in an opportunity

  • 21 July 2021
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Hi all:


Not sure if im missing something, but could use some help. Here is the scenario:

  1. As a user, I open a CTA and link it to an opportunity (shown below)
  2. Through the CTA, I then log my timeline activity to report progress on the Opportunity through the Timeline within the CTA.

Since I linked the CTA to an Opportunity in SFDC,  the expected behavior (i believe) is that when I went into Salesforce, it would show my timeline activities as “tasks” on the opportunity.  

On the contrary- the result is that all tasks, regardless of linking to an Opportunity all synch to the account page. 


Does anyone know if there is an automated way of doing this? I don’t see any “linked to” on the Timeline Activity object- otherwise I would set a rule to push that to Salesforce. I’ve heard of other workarounds where CSM can enter Opp ID, but that’s quite a manual process that will deter from my goal of making Gainsight “easy” for you as a CSM.


Is there a more turnkey solution on the roadmap and/or if there is an ideas I can vote on?  I feel most would agree that if I want to link a CTA to an Opportunity, one would also want the ability to choose to synch the Timeline entries to that Opportunity’s tasks. 





1 reply

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@Erseburse As I understand, you want to link an opportunity to a timeline entry so that the timeline activity can be sync’ed as a task in Salesforce. Is my understanding correct?

@soumitrasahu FYI