Select user in timeline activity

  • 9 September 2021
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I am trying to add a field to a timeline activity, that loads the users, same way as it does for internal/external attendees, but am unable to do so.

I created a GSID type field with a lookup, but it deoesn’t show up as an option in the timeline activity fields.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?




4 replies

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Hello @TalAmor, thank you for your post. We understand your concern here quickly looping in our Community Manager to take a look into this and respond to your post. 


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@TalAmor Could you be able to tell us where you created the field with lookup?

We currently do not allow fields with lookups to be added in the Activity types.

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I created the field in the company object, I wanted to add it then to the timeline activity but was unable to.

What then is the right way to add a list of users, just like we have with internal attendees?

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@TalAmor We allow fields to be added to Activity types in the Timeline Page in Administration section. But, currently, we do not support fields with lookups to other objects.